• Half Gallon Sunless Tanning Solution

    Tan In the Raw

  • $ 98.00

  • Description

    This premium sunless tanning solution produces the deepest golden glow your skin will allow. TAN IN THE RAW’s ultra bronzing solution has been fortified with anti aging supplements, vitamins, and antioxidants to firm the skin while it develops its tan over time. This solution also contains cosmetic bronzer that gives you an instant glow as well as making it easy to see while applying. Customized shades of reds, purples, blues and browns have been specially blended in this solution to give this formula that non orange-ish appearance over the skin.  This sunless tanning solution contains a rejuvenating fresh fragrance that is music to your nose and will keep you smelling fresh hours after your application.

    This formula comes in its most concentrate form at 12.5%.  Specially designed to minimize space and cost, this solution can be reduced by 3% by adding distilled water ONLY, please see mixing options on the label.

    This product is intended for professional use only and can be used with most HVLP/ high pressure  hand held tanning systems. For all other electronic tanning systems special packaging is available upon request.

    PLEASE NOTE: Most of TAN IN THE RAW’s solutions contain bronzer for an instant glow. While it is recommended to wear loose dark clothing after application, the bronzer will not stain your clothes or linens. Simply machine wash in cool water with detergent.

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