• Fuji Mini Spray Tan System with Norvell Tanning Solution & Tent


  • $ 700.00

  • Description

    Fuji Spray has been the leading manufacturer of specialized Spray Tanning HVLP Turbine Systems for nearly 10 years now. Fuji manufactures not only the quietest product line of spray tanning equipment but also the simplest to operate. There is only one adjustment for the operator and that is the fluid adjustment. Once you set this knob, there is nothing else for you to do - just aim and spray!

    Currently, Fuji has two lines of tanning systems. The top line Fuji Models are in the Salon Series featuring patented ultra quiet computer-designed direct air flow technology. At a more affordable price point, and in a more compact unit, is the Fuji Mini Series. The Mini Series is still designed to be half the noise level of a standard turbine, is about 10 pounds lighter making it practical for mobile applications, and is very affordable. This listing is for a Fuji Mini system with a bottom feed spray gun, a popular choice among spray tanners.

    Before delving into the specific features of each of the components of this package, consider the overriding reasons that customers buy Fuji rather than its competitors:

    • The systems meets both USA (UL -- Underwriters Labratory) and Canadian (CSA) electrical standards. No other manufacturer of turbine tanning systems can say this. Your salon insurance likely requires your equipment adhere to one of these standards.
    • Unparalleled ease of use.
    • Reduced noise level.
    • Quality, Quality, Quality. Fuji simply doesn't cut corners.

    The Following Items are included with this system:

    • Fuji Mini Turbine
    • Fuji Bottom Feed M-Model Spray Gun
    • Fuji Hi-Flex hose with quick connect.
    • User Manual included plus cleaning brush and wrench.
    • 1 Liter (34 Oz) of Norvell Venetian Spray Tanning Solution.
    • 8 Oz - Norvell ONE 1 Hour Spray Tanning Solution
    • 8 Oz - Norvell XLATAN Pre-Sunless pH Balancing Spray
    • Pop up tanning tent -- Black

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