• Norvell BLACK OUT Pro Competition Dark Crème


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  • Description

    Step to the stage with confidence. For clients seeking the
    darkest level of color, Black Out is the answer. Designed to hold
    up under harsh stage lights, this bronze will lead to... GOLD!


    For Competitive/Stage Tanning,multiple applications or sessions may be necessary to achieve desired color.
    Remember, these athletes are professionals and have often invested many years in preparation to compete.
    Norvell recommends a trial run of our spray tanning routine 30 days prior to any competitive event.
    Immediately prior to competitive event: the contestant can apply additional color where needed with Black Out™ Gel-Crème (8.5 oz tube).

    When planning for a Saturday event we recommend the following spray schedule:

    • Thursday (8 am)
    1st full body spray

    • Friday (7 am)
    warm water rinse only*

    • Friday (8 am)
    2nd full body spray

    • Saturday (7 am)
    warm water rinse only*

    • Saturday (8 am)
    3rd full body spray

    *warm water only rinsing between spray sessions is recommended toavoid any unwanted stripping of color.

    Fragrance: Pomegranate Bliss

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